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ATHC Winsted

  • ATHC Winsted opened its doors in the community of Winsted in May of 1986 and has continued to grow ever since.  Designed to serve individuals of all abilities, the Winsted program offers smaller and quieter work areas, a variety of vocational and community based employment sites, and a Non-vocational program that is available to many persons.
  • The Winsted program currently serves 62 individuals of all ages and abilities and is staffed by 22 hard working people.  Consumers that attend our Winsted site live in many surrounding communities such as Hutchinson, Glencoe, Buffalo, Cokato, Norwood, Waconia and Victoria.  ATHC provides all transportation services with mini vans, 15 passenger vans, a wheelchair accessible van and the use of public transportation Trailblazer Transit of McLeod and Sibley counties.
  • A variety of job opportunities are offered to consumers throughout the year.  Training is provided for all jobs and based on the individuals skill level.  All persons involved in our vocational program enjoy working each day and earning a paycheck!  In-house cleaning is also offered to persons wishing to work on various skills.  Whether it is doing dishes, taking out garbage, or mopping to name a few, each person works on skills with the hope that the final outcome will be a job in the community.  Community based jobs consist of cleaning, janitorial/food service, assembly and packaging.  We are able to offer a variety of opportunities to many persons.
  • In 1997, ATHC was asked to look into the idea of a Non-vocational program in which consumers could still attend our program and participate in other activities other than work.  We took on the challenge and now offer a program in which persons of all ages are able to experience a variety of different things.  Whether it is baking, folding laundry, working on various skills, participating in group games or going on community outings, persons are able to be involved in the program full time, part-time or just a couple times a week. Flexibility is the key and has worked well for this group of individuals!
  • We continue to focus on each consumer individually and strive to make each person's program their own.  One that they can be proud of and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment each day.


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