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Our Staff

The Adult Training Center employs 25 full time and 4 part time Job Trainers. These individuals provide job training, supervision, transportation and guidance to individuals in our program.

We also employ 4 program managers and 1 designated coordinator. Their responsibilities include case management, writing programs and attending all meetings concerning consumers associated with them.

To round off our team we also employ 2 receptionists, an Accounts Manager, Maintenance/Transportation Director, 1 part time Maintenance, 2 Work Coordinators, and a Program Director.

The staff at ATHC are very committed to the individuals attending our program and the agency as a whole. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated staff with our average years of service being nearly 7! Our staff bring a variety of education, backgrounds, and experience to ATHC for the benefit our consumers.

ATHC Staff

Bartholomew, Beth
16 years
Benson, Kate
13 years
10 years
Carrigan, Elaine
28 years
Christen, Dee
7 years
Decker, Jeannie
13 years
Decker, Sandy
1 year
Deidrick, Mary Kay 1 year
Field, Robyn
6 years
Getz, Becky 6 years
Karels, Kim
12 years
Kasper, Phyllis
26 years
Maesse, Christy 3 years
Powell, Marva 11 months
Pulkrabek, Beth (Sub) 6 years
Robinson, Kelly 8 months
Suess, Dawn 7 months

ATHC Staff (Cont)

Berry, Stacy 9 months
Fuchs, Delrose 1 year
Lewerenz, Katie 1 year
Muellerleile, Cheryl
19 years
Onstad, Jeanette
8 years
Pawelk, Cassandra 8 months
Penaz, Alison
2 years
Peterson, Kathy
18 years
Rassat, Tim
2 years
Sealy, Amanda 8 months
Smith, Dana 4 years
Strei, Pat
7 years
Synstelien, Nate 1 year
Telander, Jason 1 year
Uecker, Jennifer
2 years
Wabbe, Sarah
4 years
Waataja, Sara 4 months
Weibel, Patti
23 years
Westrup, Sarah
1 year
Westrup, Bre 3 months











Summer Temps

Foust, Anne
Radtke, Brianna
Dahle, Jenny





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